Win Rate Confusion

Which would you rather have? 

38% win rate or a 68% win rate.

Nobody likes to lose. In school we’re taught that getting 38% of your answers right is called “failing”. 

But what if the 38% probably rate gave you profits 20% more of the time?

Check out these charts to see what I mean…

Same stock, same timeframe, same number of years, same number of trades. The only thing is that one is a “higher probability” trade and the other is a “lower probability trade”. 

Which one do you like better now? 

The reason that the 38% Win Rate strategy is actually better is because that strategy has better Risk-Adjusted Returns. 

And that’s the topic of our upcoming free online class. 

If you want to learn how to have better risk-adjusted returns and be more consistently profitable—regardless of your “Win Rate”, then be on the lookout for our upcoming class. 

-Andrew Falde