The TV1 is an actively managed portfolio using just two assets and once-per-month management. There is zero leverage involved in this strategy allowing for larger allocation without excessive tail risk. The edge comes from the incremental adaptability to current market conditions allowing one to reduce size before and during high volatility corrections and add size during extended rallies. 

  • 25+ years of history
  • No losing years 
  • 8.04% average annual growth 
  • -6.92% worst draw down 
  • Sharpe Ratio 1.00
  • Sortino Ratio 1.64 

This is a simple strategy. You only need the ability to buy ETFs and/or mutual funds. No options, futures, shorting, or forex is required. You can manage this portfolio spending less than 30-minutes per month. 

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Graph represents the hypothetical growth of one dollar. Note: monthly data may not reflect additional volatility and drawdown risk during the month.