SPX 50 MA + Price Action

This week we reviewed current market conditions, reviewed the big picture of how we use ideas and iterative loops, and we looked at a specific strategy from Gerardo which is a good example of doing this. “Zoom out before we zoom in” Big Picture Objective: A portfolio of diversified income and growth strategies with a …

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SPX ITM Spreads

We started this week off by answering a question about options that are “Near-Near” vs. “Far-Far” options. If the Delta of the strikes is the same, but the DTE’s are vastly different, we can see where our max risk really lies. This was a quick (aka incomplete) look at this. Please spend more time evaluating …

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Garrett’s Trend and Neutral Strategy

This specific strategy is being executed in our seed capital program. This is a powerful blend of momentum and neutral trading. Garrett has developed a multi-moving average analysis technique to filter out choppier markets when momentum trading can be whipsawed and neutral trading is more likely to have stronger performance. We believe that the concepts …

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