Stacked RSI Training and Recent Updates

The recording of this live class is available free for a limited time directly through zoom

The notes as presented are copied below


60-Minute charts

Four RSI indicators with lookbacks (5, 12, 18, 25) 

RSI 50 level is the line in the sand 

When all four are above 50, buy 

When any one gets below 50, sell 25% 

When another one gets below 50, sell 75% of the remaining position

When another one gets below 50, then sell the rest 

(Normally, you will be flat while the slowest time frame is still above 50)


Stock selection 


  • Stocks over $20
  • Stocks that have moved more than double what the market did over the past year (e.g. if the market was up 15%, then look for stocks that went up 30%) – Raise the bar to reduce the number of names 
  • Stocks not ETFs 
  • Profitable (P/E > 0) 
  • You really like it šŸ™‚