Python for Financial Analysis

Now Available: Python For Financial Analysis Course

Python for Financial Analysis Course

Now you can have an Information Edge using the Python
coding language even if you've never written
a line of code in your life

Step-by-step training with copy-and-paste examples

Focused on the financial markets

Build real strategies and tools

7 video modules plus live interactive Q&A web meetings

The Goal of this Training

Immediately Useful

Most coding courses start by teaching students how to make games or do other things which are not useful in in the markets. Since this course is designed for financial analysis, traders and investors can immediately leverage their new skills in the real world.

Powerful Skill Development

At the end of this course, you will have the framework to code trading strategies and custom indicators--even if you have no prior experience with programming. You will begin to see the markets in a whole new light as you learn to create custom tools which specifically meet your needs.

Turn Market Data Into Market Insights

By using Python, you can quickly and efficiently grab data from the internet or other spreadsheets, then automatically generate custom reports to get the insights and metrics that you need.
Having this skill — to literally tell the computer what to do for you — is very powerful and allows you to fully leverage the technology that’s at your fingertips.
Traders who use their own tools experience a higher level of confidence in the data while saving both time and money by reducing their dependence on third party tools and subscriptions.

Python for Financial Analysis Includes

What will you build first?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This training is focused on traders and active investors who have little or no prior experience with coding or programming. It’s also a good introduction to Python if you have experience with a different programming language.
Python is a simple and powerful programming language that is easy to learn and very effective for data analysis — such as financial data and trading decisions. Python is one of the most widely used and supported programming languages in the world.
As long as you have a PC or Mac, all the software and data used for this training are available for free. You can choose to purchase additional data from third party vendors in the future, but it’s not required to benefit from this training.
All you need for this course is elementary level math skills. If you want to do something more complex, rest assured that Python can handle the most complex algorithms you can imagine.
This training will help you establish the framework to perform custom analysis of financial markets using the Python programming language. You may continue to develop these skills for your personal application, career advancement, or business development.