Collaboration, Coaching, and Capital for Systematic Options Traders


Group Mentoring

Join our group of systematic options traders to quickly discover, develop, and deploy options strategies with superior risk-adjusted returns. With Group Mentoring, you will:

✔️ Attend Weekly Live Group Mentoring Sessions.
✔️ Watch the Full Archive of Group Mentoring Sessions On-Demand.
✔️ Learn Exclusive Strategies and See All Back Test Details.
✔️ Get Full Time Unlimited Support and Collaboration in our Group Chat.

Group Mentoring $250 /mo

Pro Mentoring

Join the elite inner-circle of options traders who are launching and growing their careers as professional/funded traders. With Pro Mentoring, you will:

✔️ Enjoy All The Benefits of Group Mentoring, plus…
✔️ Receive Personal Feedback in Your Daily Journal 
✔️ Chat in Our Private Channel for Funded/Pro Traders
✔️ Attend Bonus Small Group Pro Mentoring Meetings 
✔️ Access the Pro Trader Training Library
✔️ Have Personalized Consulting to Raise Capital for Your Strategies
✔️ Start a Live Funded* Track Record Using Our Capital 
✔️ Learn How to Scale Your Strategies to 6 or 7 Figures Quickly

Pro Mentoring $950 /mo


Trading the Options Market for Beginners

✔️ The motivations and goals of options buyers and sellers.
✔️ What options give you — and require from you depending on your position.
✔️ The essence of optionality: Examples in the “real world” that make options trading very practical and much easier to understand.
✔️ Examples of options trades, including entry, holding, and closing.
✔️ Standardized Options. Everything that you need to know about expiration dates, strike prices, order types, order tickets, exercise and assignment.
✔️ Standardized Options. How to navigate vertically and horizontally relative to the underlying market to understand why and how options change in value. 
✔️ Basic Options Profile Analysis 
✔️ The Major Greeks: How to know why options are changing in value.
✔️ Concavity and Convexity: How and why acceleration of price can negatively and positively impact your profits and losses.
✔️ Impact of Implied Volatility: See risk where others don’t so you don’t get wiped out when they do.

Trading the Options Market for Beginners: $1,795
(Included Free with Pro Mentoring)

Bottom Line Trading

✔️ Learn How to Recognize the Five Enemies of Net Profit (that most traders never see coming)
✔️ Employ Three Effective Solutions to Avoid Hidden Risks and Costs
✔️ How to Remove Common Time Wasters, Psychology Breakers, and Distractions To Stay Focused On The Business Of Managing Your Edge.
✔️ Watch an Example of Finding Edge that Uses the Principles Discussed in the Course 

Bottom Line Trading Course: $795
(Included Free with Pro Mentoring)

"Andrew takes the complex realities of trading and shares his approach to making it simple."
Bruce B.
Engineer, Funded Trader with Falde Trading
It is the only place I know to deep-dive into the development process and testing of valuable systematic trading systems for immediate live use. Contribute back as well, as I did, and you will get invaluable feedback from Andrew, as I did.
Don Brady
Pres. Comintel Inc., Organizer, Raleigh-Duram Trading Group

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