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Options Group Mentoring

Join our group of systematic options traders to quickly discover, develop, and deploy options strategies with superior risk-adjusted returns. 

With Group Mentoring, you will:

✔️ Attend Weekly Live Group Mentoring Sessions.
✔️ Watch the Full Archive of Group Mentoring Sessions On-Demand.
✔️ Learn Exclusive Strategies That We Trade Live.
✔️ Get Full Time Unlimited Support and Collaboration in our Group Chat.

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Group Mentoring $250 /mo

Training Programs

Trading the Options Market for Beginners

✔️ The motivations and goals of options buyers and sellers.
✔️ What options give you — and require from you depending on your position.
✔️ The essence of optionality: Examples in the “real world” that make options trading very practical and much easier to understand.
✔️ Examples of options trades, including entry, holding, and closing.
✔️ Standardized Options. Everything that you need to know about expiration dates, strike prices, order types, order tickets, exercise and assignment.
✔️ Standardized Options. How to navigate vertically and horizontally relative to the underlying market to understand why and how options change in value. 
✔️ Basic Options Profile Analysis 
✔️ The Major Greeks: How to know why options are changing in value.
✔️ Concavity and Convexity: How and why acceleration of price can negatively and positively impact your profits and losses.
✔️ Impact of Implied Volatility: See risk where others don’t so you don’t get wiped out when they do.

Trading the Options Market for Beginners: $1,795

Bottom Line Trading

✔️ Learn How to Recognize the Five Enemies of Net Profit (that most traders never see coming)
✔️ Employ Three Effective Solutions to Avoid Hidden Risks and Costs
✔️ How to Remove Common Time Wasters, Psychology Breakers, and Distractions To Stay Focused On The Business Of Managing Your Edge.
✔️ Watch an Example of Finding Edge that Uses the Principles Discussed in the Course 

Bottom Line Trading Course: $795

"Andrew takes the complex realities of trading and shares his approach to making it simple."
Bruce B.
Engineer, Funded Trader with Falde Trading
It is the only place I know to deep-dive into the development process and testing of valuable systematic trading systems for immediate live use. Contribute back as well, as I did, and you will get invaluable feedback from Andrew, as I did.
Don Brady
Pres. Comintel Inc., Organizer, Raleigh-Duram Trading Group

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