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Automated Volatility Trading

The fully automated way to protect and profit from market corrections and crashes

The step-by-step guide to turn on your fully automated volatility trading system even if you have no experience with automation or programming.

Here’s what you get in the training:

  • How to rapidly grow your account during super-volatile markets
  • The hedging strategy that makes more than the strategies its “protecting”
  • How one setup generated a 460% profit while most people were hitting the panic button
  • How to experience peace of mind and consistency using a fully automated “robot” to handle your most important trades
  • The profit potential that is available whether or not the market recovers in 2020
  • And much more...

Preston Girard

Preston Girard is a registered proprietary trader based in Lawrence Kansas and has been trading since 2010. He began as a struggling independent retail trader, but through hard work, education and mentoring, he earned his way onto the professional level where he has become consistently profitable trader.

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