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2019 Options Personal Mentoring

$6,000 $4,500
Limited spots! Lock in your 12 monthly personal mentoring sessions with Andrew and save $1,500 now. Terms apply

Your Mentor, Prop Firm Trader and RIA Manager, Andrew Falde

Here’s What We Can Accomplish Together…

  • Find what edge is best suited for you and cut out the distractions that would otherwise prevent you from becoming a proficient expert at your edge.
  • Create your achievable goals for 2019 and design the action steps that you want to be held accountable for monthly.
  • Meet monthly to review your progress, overcome obstacles quickly, update your action steps and celebrate your progress.
  • Accelerate the growth of your trading business: either trading your own capital, joining a firm, or starting a fund.
  • Connect with other mentees and build valuable relationships
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