One Powerful Word To Protect Your Investments

I used to be one of those investors on the hunt for the best strategies and the next big “edge” in the market.

I wanted to find what was working and then scale it up to huge size for massive profit. 

But I soon realized that big size also means big risk.

So I was also looking for hedges and other ways to “protect” my capital.

Unfortunately I found that most hedges don’t work.

Maybe you have already figured this out.

Most hedges add tremendous costs that eat into your returns and/or don’t cover all the risks.

I’ve known too many traders who thought they had good hedges. One day they woke up to find that their account was in a state of utter chaos, losing more than they ever expected and their “hedges” where making very little — and sometimes the hedges were ADDING to their losses.

Whether you are on the hunt to find what works or you are trying to figure out how to protect yourself so you can scale up to larger size… I have some important information for you:

There is one word to move you toward more consistent returns WHILE reducing risk.

When you have more consistent returns and lower risk, THEN you can scale up.

The one powerful word is normally misused and misunderstood. But I’d like to teach you to start thinking about this one word the right way.

The word is Diversification.

Most people don’t understand how to effectively diversify. They believe that diversification means to own several mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

In this 1+ hour presentation, I’ll describe a little about the importance of diversification and more importantly, exactly how you can start to diversify into markets that will help you reduce risk and add more consistent profits to your portfolio.

>> Watch the presentation

I can’t guarantee how long this presentation will be posted, so go ahead and watch it now.

-Andrew Falde