Group Mentoring: March 6, 2019

Session Contents:

  • How to decide what to do if the market moves before you can get the modeled trade on. We’ll discuss a simple philosophy that can alleviate a lot of the anxiety around real-world timing issues.
  • Going in for the fill: When it’s OK to be aggressive or better to be passive. Some trades require precise pricing. Others just need to be filled ASAP. We’ll discuss the difference and how to apply.
  • The real goal of strategy optimization. When several strategy settings are attractive, do you go for the “best” or something else. Admittedly, this session won’t give you all the answers related to parameter selection — but it should help you move past this part of your portfolio building with a little more confidence.
  • We’ll also mention some noteworthy milestones for the strategies and traders in our community… and if you haven’t heard, we’ll reiterate the new benefits added for members this week!