March 5, 2020 Python Q&A

Topics Covered in this Session:

  • Using Python to investigate Ethereum Crypto Currency
    • Rank of range candles using .rank()
    • How to quickly find the dates for the top and bottom 2% of the range candles
  • Can Python be used for for the Ethereum Platform?
  • Error using .shift(1) in a loop
  • Using Python to connect to Goggle sheets (brief overview)

Code Snippets:

cols = ['High','Low','Close', 'PriceRange']
df.loc[:,'PriceRange'] = (df.High - df.Low) / df.Close.shift(1)

df.loc[:,'PRangeRank'] = df.PriceRange.rank(pct=True)

xdf = df[df.PRangeRank > 0.98]