Group Mentoring – Pairs Trading FAS-FAZ and Continued Risk Reversal Alpha Discovery on RSI (NVDA)

FAS-FAS Strategy Code:

if rsi(c,14) data2 > 50 then buy 10000/c shares next bar Market
else sell next bar market;

RSI Indicator on Data2

plot1(rsi(c,14) data2,"RSI");

RR on RSI Rules

First expiration longer than 80 DTE, unless there are no available options at the desired Delta, then go to the first under 80 DTE

When RSI(14 Days) > 50 then enter:

Sell one put at 20 Delta and Buy one call at 20 Delta (“Risk Reversal”)

When RSI(14) < 50 then close

If the options expire, either roll to a new starting point or roll sideways (same strike prices at 80+ DTE) — I lean toward the latter

Updated spreadsheet: