Group Mentoring: FinViz and Modeling

Modeling the Weiss Weekly “Paycheck” Model 

What do we know? 

  • Fundamentally strong stocks 
  • With options we can sell 
  • Aiming for $1k per week on $25k account
  • A new position each week (holding 4 during the week, overlapping a 5th on Friday) 
  • Aiming for 150% return on margin annually 
  • “Scour the known universe of equities to find the ‘best’ opportunity in the market on Thursday to sell a put to achieve a 99% probability of hitting the goals stated above” 

Confident level (15% at this point – optimistic for increased confidence) 

How could we possibly model this? 

Very difficult to model historically (“the best fundamental stock each Thursday with the right options”) 

Not too difficult to model live (simulation or small size) 


  1. Finviz fundamental / technical list 
  2. Model the options
  3. Pull the trigger (sim or live) 
  4. Track to the results