Group Mentoring: 350 Trade Challenge – RSI Winners

We didn’t get a chance to talk about so I will just write it for you here. Measuring individual volatilities does not perform nearly as well as measuring the basket. This is based on a specific study of MAW. I mispoke and said we will cover “tomorrow” but we will actually cover next week.

350 Trade Challenge

  • 10 Symbols 
    • Diversified 
  • 35 Trades each 
    • (In theory) minimum data points for valide statistics 
  • Finish the 350 before you change anything 
  • 14 period RSI, hourly chart 
    • Mostly High Beta names 
  • Automation process
    • Tradestation account 
    • Copy RSI code (below)…
    • Ask for help 
    • Back test to be sure it’s set correctly 
    • Simulate to make sure it’s working correctly 
    • Trade 1 share or $100 to make sure it’s filling correctly 
    • Add size 
RS = RSI(C,14);
if RS crosses above 50 then buy size/c shares next bar market;
if RS crosses below 50 then sell next bar market;