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Common Questions

Q: Do I need to have a license to trade a funded account? 
A: Trading a proprietary account with us does not require a securities license or registration. 

Q: What can I trade? 
A: Stocks, ETPs, futures, and options 

Q: Are there costs to join? 
A: While some firms require you to pay thousands for “training” or require that you go through a paid “tryout”, we do not charge anything for you to earn funding. Only after you are funded do we collect a small monthly desk fee to cover administration costs. 

Q: How much can I make? 
A: Your split is 80% of net profits (net of third party fees and commissions charged to the brokerage account). So if you can net 5% a month on a starting balance of $25k, that’s $1,250 gross x 80% split = $1,000 / month

Q: How do I join? 
A: You fill out the application and have an interview with the manager. If accepted, you sign a 2-page trader agreement, log into your subaccount, and begin trading. 

Q: What happens if I lose money (i.e. get stopped out)?
A: You are not responsible for any losses in the account. If a trader’s losses are due to negligence, their account will be terminated and they will not be allowed to join again. If a trader’s losses are not due to negligence, we will review the situation, make a plan, and potentially renew their access. 

Q: Do you offer training? 
A: Yes, our funded traders get training, strategies and group mentoring. Some specialized courses and 1-on-1 coaching are optional.

Q: Can I trade a personal account at the same time? 
A: Yes, we allow you to trade other accounts. 

Q: Can I have another job and do this too? 
A: Yes, if having another job does not interfere with your ability to control risk, then you are welcome to maintain your day job. 

Q: Can I deposit money into the account? 
A: No, we cannot allow traders to deposit funds into the firm’s proprietary account. 

Q: Can I leave profits in the account to trade bigger? 
A: Yes, you can leave your profit split in the account but we may choose to withdraw the firm’s profit split

Any other questions you have can be answered in your interview.

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