Experience Trading Bliss

Trading is a series of if/then scenarios…

  • If this price is hit, then buy
  • If this level is crossed, then sell
  • Etc…

But, if you trade manually, somewhere between “If” and “Then” something happens…

A moment of friction.

During the simple process of filling out the order ticket, you are given the opportunity to reconsider your decision.

  • Maybe you should wait for “confirmation” first?
  • Maybe you should wait for a pull back first?
  • Maybe you need to wait until after the next economic announcement… or the one after that… or the one after that…?
  • Maybe you’ll add some size because you’re feeling confident today?
  • Maybe you’ll reduce your size because you had a big loss yesterday?

This is your brain desperately trying to alleviate the distress that comes with uncertainty.

(You know that every trade you make comes with uncertainty, right?)

Well, if you are like 99.99% of traders out there, then this distress of uncertainty is never going to go away.

But you can greatly reduce the friction that causes so many traders to deviate from their trading plans.

The best way to reduce this friction is by going from manual trading to fully automated trading.

And it’s easier than ever with today’s technology.

Almost every major broker allows their customers to submit fully automated trades. They don’t charge any extra fees for automation and it’s probably easier than you think to set up.

If you want to reduce the friction that comes from manual trading and start fully automated trading, then I invite you to click this link and learn about the Automated Trading Accelerator, then apply for a free strategy call to discuss the steps to launch your fully automated trading portfolio.