I have two words for you now that you have made it to the module entitled “Conclusion”

The first word is “congratulations”. You followed through on something you started. Many will get part way through or 80% of the way through, then stop. I believe they will still take away value, but you’ve made it to end and you deserve a word of praise for that.

The second word is “begin”. In one sense you have finished something. But in a much more practical sense all you have done is sit down in the driver’s seat. It’s time to turn on the engine, put the car into gear, and get started on your journey.

Finishing a course provides a sense of accomplishment but that can be a false sense of accomplishment if you don’t act on the information you have obtained.

If you do not act on this information, then you have failed this course. If you act on this information and do so correctly and consistently, then you have passed the course with flying colors.

So it is with that sense of pressure that I will leave you to take action now

-Andrew Falde