Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of useful shortcuts for keyboard and mouse:

F2 and F3 move backward and forward one day at a time through history (not the model of time, but actual historical information)
F1 and F4 (surrounding F2 and F3) moves the minimum increment of time (per your Configuration settings)
F5 commits a trade that is modeled
F10 opens reports
F6 opens tradelog

Ctrl + Left or Right arrow keys – Will page forward or back through the available option cycles.
Alt + Left or Right arrow keys – Will move a single cycle forward or back.

Ctrl + Q – To toggle the Show Quarterly cycles option.
Ctrl + W – To toggle the Show Weekly cycles option.

By clicking and holding the mouse button on a single modeled trade, it will allow you to move this anywhere in the chains of available options in Puts or Calls.

If you hold the Ctrl key when selecting a modeled trade and drag the mouse, this will move all of the currently modeled trades within the expiration.