Module Five: Automated Back Testing And Analysis

Part One: Setting Up Your Account

  • Selecting and opening your account
  • Setting up your data
  • Open an account at

Part Two: No Code Automated Back Testing

  • Add a strategy
  • Run the strategy
  • View results
  • Modify the inputs

Part Three: Simple Code Editing

  • View the strategy code
  • Do not be intimidated
  • Copy and save as a new strategy
  • See that changing input values in the code doesn’t change the results
  • Change a variable or logic statement
  • Make a small change, Test, Make a small change, Test

Part Four: Quickly Prove Your Ideas With Custom Scripting

  • Suggested reading “EasyLanguage Essentials”
  • Reference similar strategies for ideas
  • Start simple and remember your real goal

Part Five: Automated Optimization and Stress Testing

  • Get clues for further optimization
  • See Toddler mode run on autopilot
  • Tabular data view and export
  • Basics of setting alerts
  • Remember to not get lost in the “Quantum Realm” and to get through the “Dead Marshes” quickly