Software Setup Part 4

EasyLanguage is the coding language of both Tradestation and Multicharts.

Don’t let the name confuse you. Although it’s easier than most programming languages that doesn’t mean it’s less powerful.

The “easy” part is because much of the code related to trading has already been done for you. Things like “buy”, “sell”, “short”, “cover”, “shares”, “contracts”, “limit”, “market”, etc. are words you can use when writing code in EasyLanguage that no other coding language would understand without writing several lines of code to define what these words means.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense yet. Think of it like this:

All cars used to be manual transmission. When automatic transmissions were invented, it made car simpler to drive. That’s not because the transmission was simpler… it’s because the transmission was more complicated and was doing more of the work for you.

Learning EasyLanguage is like learning how to drive for the first time using an automatic transmission rather than a manual transmission.

You can do just about anything you want with less effort using EasyLanguage because it is doing a lot of the work for you.

The next action step is to download EasyLanguage Essentials. This is a long PDF with more information than you need right now.

Simply read the pages listed below to save you time and get you up and running quickly:

  • 1-10
  • 17-34
  • 37-39
  • 46-47
  • 79-105

Some tips while reading

  • If this is all brand new to you, just power through it. Don’t try to understand everything you are reading.
  • You can read the whole document if you wish, but that will take more time and slow you down from the primary goal of getting an automated system running in 28 days. If you have limited time (less than 3 hours a day for this), then just read the suggested pages.
  • If you have a journal or notepad, write down things that are confusing and ask about it during a mentoring meeting.