Hardware Requirements

Your Hardware

Tradestation requires a decent computer to run correctly. The good news is that technology advancements now give entry level computers enough power to run Tradestation.

Here are the Minimum Requirements and Standard Recommendations for your trade machine to run Tradestation. Most traders will not need any more than the Standard Recommendations.

You can run Tradestation on a MAC by using a Windows environment.

If you want to purchase a computer for Tradestation, Amazon sells refurbished laptops and computers for a great price. If the machine has the specifications listed above and a lot of high reviews, then it will most likely do the job.

Don’t get bogged down shopping for laptops. If you can find something for $600 to $1,200 that has all the specs you need, then you have found a good deal.

Here’s a link to a filtered search for PCs that meet most of the Standard Specifications. Be sure to double check the specs before purchasing.