Bear Market Butterflies

The recent dip in the market is reminding us that gravity still exists and bear markets do happen.

Currently a 10% pullback in the market would only put price near the 200 day average price. That’s a lot of downside to go through before getting a signal that the trend has changed. While many debate waiting for a pullback or holding on, options traders know they can make money if the market keeps going up or not.

Our next live meeting will cover Bear Market Butterflies which are great for many reasons. Not only can they be used to protect against bear markets, but they also provide the opportunity make large returns in bull or sideways markets as well!

These trades do come with specific drawbacks and risks that you should be aware of before trading them and we will cover all of that this Wednesday.

This strategy will interest you if you want to

• Enjoy a stock market slump as you earn profits during the drop and then take advantage of stocks being on sale!
• Stay invested and diversify your portfolio for lower volatility.
• Trade in peace knowing you’ve got a plan for dramatic market swings.

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Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi