Automated Trading Accelerator ™

How to launch a portfolio of fully automated trading strategies in 28 days or less regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.


The Goal:
Successful fully automated trading

Course Length:
4 Weeks

The Format:
Online Videos, Webinars, Step-by-step Guides, and Personal Coaching

Automated Trading Accelerator

What is it?

The Automated Trading Accelerator is a 4-week online course with over 21 hours of video, step-by-step guides, live webinars, turn-key strategies, and personal 1-on-1 coaching. It is designed to show non-programmers how to launch a fully automated trading portfolio in 28 days or less.

Who is it for?

The Automated Trading Accelerator is for any trader who wants to be more consistent by leveraging automated systems to trade a basket of diversified systems. It works for all traders regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Where does it happen?

The Automated Trading Accelerator is online. You go through a step-by-step learning experience on our website, join zoom meetings, and trade from anywhere in the world on your own schedule.

How does it work?

You simply watch the videos, follow the step-by-step training, ask questions, work with your personal mentor, and use our turn-key strategies to quickly start your fully automated trading system. You will be able to simulate automated strategies within 7 days and you’ll be ready to launch your live system by day 28 or sooner.

When does it start?

The Accelerator online training can be started anytime during open enrollment. You can complete the training on your own schedule, as fast or slow as you wish. You have lifetime access.

Why does it exist?

The Automated Trading Accelerator was created because there is nothing else available that shows beginners how to start trading with automated systems and which strategies they should use. This training covers everything you need with step-by-step clarity and turn-key strategies.

Automated Trading Accelerator Contents

In just 4-weeks, you’ll launch a fully automated trading portfolio and have a new skill that you can leverage for income and profits for life, here’s how. (Click to expand each section)

Welcome and Overview11:20
Hardware Requirements03:00
Software Setup Part 129:32
Software Setup Part 233:41
Software Setup Part 347:57
Software Setup Part 458:51
Software Setup Part 552:37
Portfolio Gap Analysis16:15
How to Dismiss Losing Strategies24:42
Meta Strategy Development18:31
Meta Strategy Development Part 206:39
Meta Rules21:12
Rapid Testing21:17
Group Mentoring60:00

Writing Custom Code53:11
Prepare Your Code For Simulation19:16
Launch Your Fully Automated Simulation19:49
Order Management21:17
Play The Numbers Game For Success25:34
Modify Strategies For Futures Markets05:00
Lifestyle Management22:49
Group Mentoring60:00
One-on-one Web Meeting60:00

Manual Portfolio Analysis39:38
Automated Portfolio Studies18:10
Common Issues WIth Portfolio Maestro29:50
Radar Screen Watch Lists and Indicators Setup20:30
The Road Map To Funded Trading19:17
Bottom Line Trading61:13
Pairs Trading and Hedging29:27
Group Mentoring60:00

Install MC for TWS04:47
Automate Signals from MC to TWS07:59
Collect Automated Fees Through IB51:37
Going Live20:48
IP Profits11:51
Group Mentoring60:00
One-on-one Web Meeting60:00

Included for free in Automated Trading Accelerator: You will watch videos and follow step-by-step instructions to literally copy-and-paste strategies we use live. So you don’t have to start from scratch and come up with your own strategies.

During the Automated Trading Accelerator, you’ll have free access to our online community for traders which includes over 80 hours of on-demand recorded webinars covering a variety of trading and investing topics including options, futures, stocks, portfolio management, psychology, business development, funding, automation and more.


This is not just a typical “course”. It’s everything you need to succeed at automated trading and…

How To Have A Fully Automated Trading System in 28 Days — Even If You've Never Written A Line of Code In Your Life

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