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August 29, 2019

Summary Early idea for pairs trading using Data2 in tradestation EasyLanguage Interview with Matt Williamson on his methods for trading long and short volatility in a variety of underlying markets

August 21, 2019

Summary Website updates Updated sizing lesson reference Refined vision and mission Announce challenge winners (officially) ACV review

August 14, 2019

Summary Shielded BWB by Garrett Drummond Micro Presentation Template Announcement about ACV, RVS, SSJ, and SSK

All Weather Like Portfolio With Options + Delicious Triple Layer Cake

Many thanks to Bruce Bitner for sharing this detailed report on how options and filters may be used for modern portfolio theory style of investing/trading. Also, thank you to Pablo Viteri for continuing the work on Triple Layer Cake and giving us some clues on ways to increase performance.

ACV Walk Through

Pardon the little confusion for the first couple of minutes while I got in sync withe the overlapping entries. It gets smoother as we get into it.

Backing Into Positive Expectancy on a Discretionary Trade

The broad stock market remains weak, so we continue to look for momentum opportunities in commodity markets instead of playing for income in indexes. We spend some time in this session going over the math and tracking process used to help discretionary traders identify the trade type, stop loss, and profit target that will allow …

Backing Into Positive Expectancy on a Discretionary Trade Read More »

Back Adjusting Futures Data in Tradestation

It’s very important to make sure you back adjust futures data if you are using it for signals. Otherwise, the rollover can trigger price change events that don’t actually impact the market.

Bruce’s Stats Table and Turning a Bad Idea into Profits

Bruce Bitner, a member of the Falde Trading community and part of the funded seed capital program, has done an excellent job of summarizing key stats for a basket of studies that he recently completed. Below, we’ll cover the benefits of summarizing this way — which makes for quick and easy reference as to the …

Bruce’s Stats Table and Turning a Bad Idea into Profits Read More »

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