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Know what the hedge funds and prop firms know — and apply it to your account for more reliable and consistent growth.


Automate some or all of your trading to be in better trades without gluing yourself to a watchlist all day.


adapt to any market

Transcend any market environment with a basket of strategies you can seamless deploy based on the opportunities presented to you.


Learn to focus solely on the relationship between Probability, Risk, and Reward to confidently take each trade without second guessing yourself ever again.

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If you are an experienced stock or options trader who is ready to level up for more consistency, then you can apply right now to get to the next level with Forma Financial. 

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Frequently asked questions

Forma Financial is a community of serious, advanced traders who learn and trade a wide variety of options strategies, trend following systems, adaptive portfolio models, volatility systems, and more. 

Your investment into working with Forma Financial is not cheap but we have options that make sense for a variety of portfolio levels. Apply today then we will discuss the costs and benefits so you can make an informed investment decision. 

80% of our members are independent traders. 20% are professional (funded) traders. Many of our members are either engineers or financial professionals (currently or retired) — but we also have school teachers, entrepreneurs, full time parents, and more. While there is a lot of variety in what our members do outside of trading, what we share in common is a passion for the markets and a commitment to logic-based trading.  

As a member, you have access to a live weekly group mentoring meeting to review current markets, learn strategies, and get relevant ideas. You’ll also have over 180 hours of advanced training including strategy specific education and an extensive library of recorded group mentoring meetings. 

You should expect immediate and measurable improvement. 

Within the first month you will learn strategies to offset some of your current risks, increase your upside, and increase your expectancy on a portfolio basis. 

As far as specific % returns, that depends on your chosen strategies and level of aggressiveness.

Some traders are thrilled to make 8% and keep their drawdowns extremely low. Others want to multiply their account balance and are comfortable with the volatility that comes with that goal. 

You get to define what you want to achieve. We just make it happen a lot sooner. Let’s have a conversation to pinpoint your goals and expectations. 

Learn Fully Automated Trading

Become a fully automated trader even if you have zero coding or programming experience.

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Grow Your Account With Less Risk

New Video Shows Traders…

  • How to increase consistency in growing your account
  • How to have absolute clarity about what to buy or sell, when to trade, and at what size. 
  • How to maintain the confidence to follow your plan and scale up your size to grow your account even faster. 
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